A shopper’s guide to Fort Kochi

October 26, 2018

Indian old hand, Lakshmi, tells you everything you need to know about shopping in Kerala’s bustling port OK… I know… those on the spiritual path SHOULD have a ceiling on their desires. I have a ceiling… it’s just a very high one! Anyway how can a girl resist the wonderful shopping on offer in Fort […]

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Indian spice markets to visit at least once in your life

April 26, 2018

MUMBAI My first visit to Mumbai’s Crawford Market was an initiation into the world of Indian cooking. Hidden in the winding corridors of the market chaos, rich culinary secrets lie waiting to be discovered. The astute traveller will know that buried in-side this commotion is the famous Marchi galli, or ‘spice corridor’, where you will […]

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Best Places to Shop for choclates

January 26, 2018

Ooty Ooty is a honeymooner’s paradise; romance always goes well with chocolates. In fact, it is customary to shop for home-made chocolates in the Ooty trip. Yeah! Chocolate making is one of the thriving industries in Ooty. However, it is available in many places around the hill station but King Star Bakery will satiate your […]

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